Surefour makes Overwatch League history with Symmetra

By Hunter Cooke


Feb 16, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

We’ve now officially seen it all in the Overwatch League.

The Los Angeles Gladiators’ Lane “Surefour” Roberts pulled out Symmetra and became the first player to ever deal damage with the hero.

Several times players have trolled the crowd by selecting Symmetra in the spawn room, then immediately switching to other, more viable heroes when it’s time for the fighting to start. But Surefour stuck with the hero and put her to use.

Dallas Fuel also utilized the hero just one day after Surefour made Overwatch League history with her.

Symmetra was reworked shortly after the first season of the Overwatch League ended, and the updated version of the hero’s kit is more competitively viable. Her teleporter, which used to be her ultimate, was placed within her regular abilities, adding additional utility and mobility to her base kit. Her primary fire was switched from a tracking laser to a beam laser similar to Zarya’s, and her turrets became throwable, allowing for more flexible placements. Her new ultimate is a massive shield wall that blocks damage.

While the rework gave the hero new life, it didn’t exactly make her a top pick in competitive play. Surefour only played the hero for two minutes and 52 seconds in one game on King’s Row. Regardless, he now claims the historical distinction.

Gladiators didn’t end up with a victory over the Seoul Dynasty, however. Dynasty and ex-Gladiators star main tank Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek came out with the 3-1 victory, including the win on King’s Row against Surefour’s Symmetra.

Relations between the Gladiators and Fissure were tense towards the end of his tenure in purple, and the team’s verified Twitter account chimed in on the loss to express a lack of regret over his departure from the organization.

All the same, the match was a strong showing from both squads. Even if fans will remember it most for a hero pick that lasted fewer than three minutes.


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