Support Doom is the ticket to gaining MMR in Dota 2 7.31

By Kenneth Williams


May 23, 2022

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Soft support picks are usually ranged playmakers with lots of flashy spells, but Doom boils down the essence of position four into trading and securing kills.

A new Doom support build is snatching MMR left and right in Dota 2 public matchmaking. While Doom is generally considered a bad hero with 45.70% win rate, pro players have developed a new build that puts him in an entirely new role. As position four, Doom excels at trading and can still put one enemy hero out of commission in team fights. Here’s how to pull it off in ranked and earn some sweet MMR.

Pro teams revealed the new build at the $500,000 Stockholm Major. Several squads drafted support Doom to round out their rosters including new reigning champion OG and runnerup TSM FTX. Here’s how to play Doom support in your own pubs with the proper item build, laning phase, and mid game mentality.

How to play support Doom in Dota 2 7.31

Doom’s slow movement and attack speed make him seem bad at trading, but the new skill build makes him fierce in the lane. By maxing Scorched Earth, Doom becomes extremely good at trading with supports and running down enemy cores. 

Another crucial part of support Doom’s laning phase is Devour, which can get a bunch of great for the offlaner. Get a point at level two and look for a blue Satyr Mindstealer. Mana Aura grants a ton of mana regeneration to both laners, which helps Doom’s low starting intelligence. The health aura from the Satyr Tormenter is also useful as well as the damage boost from the Alpha Wolf.

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As for item builds, support Doom players still get a decent stream of income from Devour. His inherent tankiness and playmaking ability make Tranquil Boots into Blink Dagger a solid choice. After that, Black King Bar and the ever-present Wraith Pact are both popular options. BKB is best if the team has a ton of ways to cancel Blink Dagger and if you need to survive past the initial Doom.

After the laning stage, Doom excels at taking up empty space and risky farm. Devour lets him snag enemy jungle creeps. Scorched Earth can wipe out a creep wave in seconds. Low mobility makes him bad at initiating ganks, but waddling up to Doom the target is great for securing kills. Smoke of Deceit also helps him get close to his target. 

Make sure to help the position five with vision, and don’t be afraid to get a Force Staff or Lotus Orb if needed. Support Doom is still a support, after all.


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