Striker talks pressure of OWL Grand Finals, how to beat Titans

By Morten Marstal


Sep 28, 2019

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The Season 2 OWL Grand Final is happening in Philadelphia, and the San Francisco Shock will take on the Vancouver Titans to see who will take home the trophy this year. The match will take place on September 29. caught up with Shock DPS Namju “Striker” Gwon to discuss everything Grand Finals and how he feels about the current Overwatch League meta. 

What does playing in the Grand Finals mean to you?

Striker: Multiple feelings, I’m excited, but I really want to do the match right now. I’m a little bit nervous.

Does all the anticipation get to you?

When you’re a school student, you’re always waiting for lunch. It feels like that, like I’m waiting for a break for lunch.

You had an accident a little while back. How are you healing?

I didn’t get injured in my right hand so it’s fine. My left hand got injured, but it’s little so it can move fine. It moves well enough.

What happened?

I was learning how to skateboard. It was my first time and I fell.

What do you think is your biggest challenge playing the Titans on Sunday?

They have fast tempo. If we can be faster than them, we can win.

Is there anything you do to deal with the pressure of a game this big?

I feel the pressure myself, but I believe in my teammates, so when I’m playing with my teammates I don’t feel as much pressure.

Striker talks OWL meta before Grand Finals


Do you feel the meta shift helped you to gain this momentum to get you to the Grand Finals?

I think that the meta change helps, and we also lost to Atlanta, which helped us understand the meta really well. So, it helped us to keep winning in the loser’s bracket.

You have a lot of support from Philadelphia OWL fans. Does that make you feel any less pressure going into Grand Finals?

Actually, it helps a lot because the fans are cheering for us. It makes me really happy. And for our opposing team, it makes them feel more pressure.

You’ve said before that you don’t like playing Bastion, but do you feel the character plays an integral role in your success in this meta?

Yeah, and I’m practicing [Bastion], so it could be the key for winning.

What’s your prediction for the OWL Season 2 Grand Finals?

All of the staff and the players in the OWL worked really hard and they made a goal for finals and we reached that goal, so we’re gonna try harder, and we’re gonna win.


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