Streamer ImJasmine returns after wardrobe malfunction Twitch ban

Olivia Richman • August 12, 18:59

Twitch streamer Jasmine “ImJasmine” Vo is back on the streaming platform, but not many people immediately knew about her return. 

ImJasmine informed her Instagram fans that she was live again on Twitch. She proceeded to have a Just Chatting stream that celebrated her return. The six-hour stream had over 117,000 total viewers. 

“I was gone a very long time,” ImJasmine said with a laugh at the beginning of the stream. “I’m back after three months. I missed you guys.”

ImJasmine then informed her followers she would be “playing” with her fans while streaming live as well as grinding away online. She spent the stream checking out Reddit posts about other streamers and playing Final Fantasy XIV Online. 

ImJasmine Twitch ban

What happened to ImJasmine?

In April, ImJasmine sent out a tweet to her Twitter followers that informed fans that she was banned from Twitch. While she said “see you all soon,” ImJasmine ended up being banned for three months. She didn’t use Twitter at all during that time and only posted on Instagram once. 

This left a lot of fans worried about ImJasmine and wondering what had happened to her in the interim. 

ImJasmine was banned for an accidental wardrobe malfunction during a hot tub stream during which she appeared to be intoxicated. Her bikini top slipped while she was chatting with her fans, revealing part of her areola. The Twitch chat pointed out the wardrobe malfunction and ImJasmine immediately grabbed at her chest to fix her bathing suit. 

While showing her nipple was definitely against Twitch’s Terms of Service, others in the streaming community wondered if the ban was more due to her being drunk while broadcasting. Some viewers reported that ImJasmine was so affected during the stream that viewers in the chat were worried and telling her to drink water to sober up. 

According to Twitch’s Terms of Service, streamers are allowed to drink alcohol while broadcasting but can’t “drink excessively.” This offense can result in a permanent ban. 

ImJasmine is a well-known travel streamer who gained a lot of followers when she documented her trips to Japan. Unfortunately, travel restrictions have left ImJasmine cooped up inside. This is what led to her workout streams and hot tub streams. But after the NSFW slip, ImJasmine appears to be trying out Final Fantasy in an attempt to stay a little more under the radar. 


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