Streamer, ex-pro IWillDominate gets suspended live on Twitch

By Tom Beer


Sep 2, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera, a popular League of Legends streamer and former pro jungler for Team Liquid, had his account suspended by Riot Games during a recent 24-hour stream on Twitch.

Just before the 18-hour mark and having just concluded a game, IWillDominate was confronted with a message from the LoL Client. “Account Suspended. This account has been suspended. Relog for more information,” it said.

IWillDominate revealed that suspicious activity was the given reason upon his logging in again. 

A Twitch clip captures the moment, in which IWD tells his partner ‘RATIRL’ who laughs at the misfortune. The suspension ended what was going to be a full 24-hour stream prematurely.

“Oh I just got my account suspended. Just give up, we just give up. We just give up here”

At the beginning of the stream IWD had said that he had never failed to complete a 24-hour stream up until this point.

Why was IWillDominate suspended?


He revealed after the suspension that he was actually playing on an account that he had bought. Some players who want to play on a different account will buy a pre-levelled account with champions unlocked to not have to put their own time into doing so. The practice is against the rules set out by developer Riot Games and his suspension certainly suggests the developer has ways to find these accounts, particularly when used by popular streamers during live broadcasts.

“This is my first time and this is always why I have to hand level. Because this happens if you don’t, and if you play it on stream. This was a 24-hour special so we made an exception. I am done buying accounts.”

He concluded by saying that other content creators within League of Legends have skipped the leveling process.

“This is what most people do, they pay people to level. Most content creators, they get their account and pay someone to level it because no one wants to spend the time going from [level] 1-30”

Despite the ending, IWillDominate had achieved a record of 27 wins to only three losses in the 18 hours of gaming. The stream was not a total waste of time either, has he did gain over 500 new subscribers during it. 


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