Berry kidnapped

Streamer claims she was kidnapped and held captive

By Olivia Richman


Aug 20, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Popular Just Chatting streamer Cheon “Berry” Yeseo had fans worried when she suddenly disappeared from social media. Now she has returned with a horrific story to tell.

On August 14, 2023, fans became concerned when her stream ended in an unexpected way. After a few days, Berry posted on Instagram that she had been kidnapped and tied up. Meanwhile, the attacker had hacked into her accounts and was posting as her during those three days she was tied up.

A lot of Berry’s fans speculated that the attacker was her ex-husband. As a Just Chatting streamer, a lot of Berry’s private life has been shared with fans, including a messy divorce with an unstable man. Now fans wondered if he was the one who had attacked her.

Twitch Berry kidnapping

Berry opens up about kidnapping

On August 17, Berry shared the details behind her horrific ordeal on Instagram. According to Berry, she was attacked on August 13 around 5 PM. Her phone was taken from her and she was being held captive, according to a translation.

While she was tied up and beaten, the attacker was uploading to her social media, including a smiling photo of her on Instagram. During this time, her feet and hands were allegedly bound.

In the end, Berry was able to escape although she didn’t share any details regarding how that was possible. But this only fed into the rumors that it was her ex-husband or someone she knew.

“I managed to escape and immediately reported the incident at the nearest police station. The perpetrator was apprehended,” read a translation of her post.

The attacker was arrested as of the last time Berry discussed the situation.