Stinger buffs Valorant

Stinger gets big accuracy buffs in Valorant patch 5.06

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Stinger is set to return to the Valorant meta after the recent 5.06 patch buffs.

SMGs in Valorant were generally considered too powerful due to the low price and high stopping power. In patch 4.07, Riot nerfed the Stinger, changing the game meta. Players had long complained about the Stinger being OP relative to its small price tag. The SMG could wipe out multiple enemies in one spray at close range, and its sighted aim made it workable at long range. For 950 creds, the Stinger was doing more than it should.

However, the nerfs to the Stinger pushed players to opt for Spectre instead, making it a rare sight in a competitive game. The recent 5.06 patch buffs to the Stinger sound promising and may even bring it back to relevance.

What are all the Stinger buffs in Valorant?

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Riot Games has adjusted the Stinger’s primary fire error, and alt-fire first shot error to make it more reliable in the appropriate range.

After the Valorant update 4.07, players could no longer capitalize on burst mode accuracy due to a delayed firing input. Switching to burst fire mid-combat became riskier due to compromised weapon accuracy.

While these changes remain in place, Riot Games has lowered the top spread to make it more controllable. The developer has also reduced variance in the Stinger’s first shot, allowing players to shoot more accurately in ranges that require burst fire mode.

  • Primary Fire error adjusted from 1.6 error after 7 bullets to 1.3 error after 6 bullets
  • Alt-Fire first shot error adjusted from .5 to .35

While these aren’t necessarily meta-shaking changes, dedicated Stinger players should sense a real difference. These changes may put the Stinger somewhere closer to Spectre as viable eco-round weapon options. Due to its low price tag, those who master the recoil may even prefer it over the pricey Spectre.

The Stinger costs 950 credits, a steal for half-buy or eco rounds as it costs 150 creds more than a Sherriff, the preferred eco-round pistol. Especially on defense, players may rather invest in a Stinger to hold close-range angles.

Is the Spectre a good gun in Valorant?

The Spectre is one of the most overpowered budget-friendly weapons in Valorant. The SMG is accurate at both long and short range, making it a no-brainer pick in half-buy rounds. Some players may even prefer this SMG over rifles as it saves money and delivers the same results in close quarters.