Battlebit Remastered

Steam’s hot top-seller BattleBit is developed by a team of four

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 19, 2023

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Steam’s top-selling game, as of writing, is developed by a team of four. It’s called BattleBit and FPS players love it. 

When it comes to first-person shooters, seasoned players look for high-definition visuals and impeccable gunplay. For this reason, many developers in 2023 produce big-budget games that check the first box but lack in the gameplay department. BattleBit has managed to win hearts with its low-poly visuals but gunplay that puts top games to shame. 

Developed by four people, BattleBit is currently generating the most revenue on Steam, followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PUBG. 

BattleBit is the top-selling FPS on Steam 

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Currently, BattleBit is a top-seller on Steam with 92% positive reviews from those who have tried the massively multiplayer game. This is huge for a low-poly game developed by a small team. 

At first glance, BattleBit may look like a mod out of Minecraft or Roblox. The chunky maps and player models aren’t a visual treat, but FPS enthusiasts love how the game plays out. It’s a massive-multiplayer FPS, meaning maps are larger than life even though the server size is awfully small.

BattleBit isn’t just a shooter game. The gameplay has depth, which would keep new players hooked for hours. 

Currently, each server in BattleField supports only 254 players, still, the maps are large enough to not accommodate all but allow for complex strategies and flanking opportunities. The wealth of weapons adds to the fun, justifying the number one ranking of BattleField on Steam. 

Part of the reason BattleField has become an instant hit is its price tag and system requirements. The game’s relatively cheaper at $15 and would run on low-end builds. Those who care only about gameplay would enjoy BattleField on their ancient systems, as the devs haven’t compromised on the FPS mechanics. 

BattleField is currently available on Steam at $15.