Steam just hit a new all-time record player count

Marta Juras • February 4, 21:00

The most popular digital video game library, Steam, is known to any gamer. Steam has been around since 2003 and is today offering its users over 30,000 games for sale. Though many have tried to rival the platform, most recently including Epic Games, its loyal users are skeptical of any other alternative.

Almost 17 years since Steam went live, it has peaked with its highest number of signed in players at a time on February 2. According to SteamDB, Steam peaked at 18,801,944 users. This is a record-breaking number as the peak is over 250,000 users higher than the last record, which happened in January of last year.

Steam chart

Around this time Steam was also facing connection problems. That weekend, features were going up and down, including the store and community pages. These issues seem to have been fully fixed as of today.

CSGO is Steam’s most played game

This is not to say over 18 million people were actively playing games at the time. Most Steam users have the app starting with their computers and simply running in the background while they’re doing other things. To be more specific, at the time of the peak 5,938,457 users were actually playing a game through Steam.

Regardless, this is an amazing milestone to hit. Steam has seen steady growth as a platform over the years, and has been on a positive trend of continuing that consistent growth over the course of the past five months.

Though data of most games played at this peak isn’t available, it’s safe to assume it doesn’t differ much from the current averages. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is standing strong as Steam’s favorite game, followed by Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Grand Theft Auto V.


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