Stats show that Cloud9’s CSGO team is now in decline

By Nick Johnson


Aug 10, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

North America’s favorite team hasn’t performed well over the past six months.

Since their signing in January of 2020, Cloud9 has gone from an impressive underdog side to a team in a slump, according to statistics gathered over the past six months.

Its roster started off 2020 strong, steamrolling competition on its way to an IEM Katowice appearance, but has struggled since then. This is evidenced by both player and team stats that show a marked downward curve during CSGO’s transition to online play.

From January 2020 to April 30, Cloud9 was a force to be reckoned with, especially during the first season of FLASHPOINT. Every member of the roster posted ratings and kill-to-death ratios comparable to many other top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams. Despite some poor performances along the way, all it seemed it would take would be a solid start to play in CSGO’s various online leagues to catapult C9 back to the top of the heap in North America’s regional scene, if not globally.

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Since that time, however, things have only gotten worse for C9. Even star players Ricky “floppy” Kemery and Josh “oSee” Ohm have struggled mightily since the end of April, posting numbers well below those they showed at the start of the 2020 season. In fact, the entire team has taken a downward turn in terms of kill-to-death ratio, ratings, and opening duel success rate.

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Cloud9 has to make a serious change and improvement throughout this week’s DreamHack Open Summer 2020 tournament, otherwise they risk getting lost among the numerous teams gunning for their spot domestically. C9 even lost their most recent matchup against Brazilian upstarts Team One in a 2-1 banger in which C9 often looked lost and confused.

Unless something changes fast, lost and confused is all this team will be heading into ESL One Cologne and ESL Pro League Season 12 later in the year.