SquidGame Twitch streamer in hot water over social media handle

By Olivia Richman


Nov 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch streamer Lydia “SquidGame” Ellery is in trouble once again over her handle due to the popular Netflix series of the same name.

In October, Ellery was banned from Instagram over her handle despite her having it since 2012. Now, Ellery has opened up once again about backlash she’s received from being known as SquidGame. This time, Ellery said she may change her handle.

“I’ve lost two amazing presenting opportunities because people don’t want to hire me with my ‘squid game’ handle. This is really getting me down now,” Ellery admitted to fans on Twitter, where her handle is SquidGaming.

SquidGame Twitch streamer banned on Instagram over handle

Ellery had been using the handle @squidgame on Instagram since November 2012. But the rise in popularity of new Netflix show Squid Game led to a ban for Ellery from Instagram. According to Ellery, she’d lost access to her Instagram account due to mass reporting. Instagram sent her an automated message that she was “pretending to be someone else” when she reached out.

“I think so many people have been trying to log into my account or reporting it. Very not cool,” Ellery told her followers.

Ellery added that fans of the Netflix series had also bombarded her with messages.

Since the fiasco, Ellery has regained access to her Instagram account. She currently has over 32,000 followers. Unfortunately, Ellery has run into other issues ever since, apparently losing some potential deals and working opportunities due to her use of the handle.

Most fans expressed sympathy for the frustrating situation, although some advised that Ellery should simply change her handle to CrabGaming. For some, this is a reference to the recently released Crab Game that has gained popularity on Steam while emulating themes of the Squid Game Netflix series.


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