Spectre wins Arcana Vote in the TI10 Battle Pass

By Steven Rondina


Oct 9, 2020

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The winner of the Arcana Vote in The International 10 Battle Pass has been revealed.

The next hero to receive an arcana skin in Dota 2 is Spectre. The ghostly super-carry beat out Faceless Void in the final vote by a margin of 27,475,258 to 24,948,538, or 52.4% to 47.6%.

The purple cores beat out every other Dota 2 hero, with Witch Doctor and Sniper also reaching the semifinals. There were several surprises along the way, with Invoker eliminated in the quarterfinals and Lion making a deep run. 

What will the Spectre arcana look like?

What a Spectre arcana might look like has been a popular topic of discussion. Spectre has a relatively simple appearance with a flowing outfit and a relatively simple face. Valve could go in a number of different directions with Spectre, by making her appear either more human or even her more ghastly.

Faceless Void fans have cause to be disappointed, but precedent suggests there’s a strong chance they’ll get something in the near future. Recent second-place finishers in the Arcana Vote have received some manner of high-end skin in the following year.  

TI6 second-place finisher Io had the Benevolent Companion arcana added as a reward in the TI7 Battle Pass, with TI9 runner-up Windranger getting the same treatment this year. TI7 runner-up Rubick won the following year’s Arcana Vote after falling just short against Pudge.

Nothing is guaranteed however, as Void was also the runner-up in 2018 after losing to Rubick.

When is the Spectre arcana release date?

No exact release date was announced for the Spectre arcana, but odds are it will take at least a few months to arrive. The Ogre Magi Flockheart’s Gamble and Rubick Magus Cypher arcanas arrived in the following Decembers after their victories in the Arcana Vote, about four months after they had each won. The Pudge Feast of Abscession arcana took much longer and didn’t arrive until the following April. 

Given Valve’s recent struggles to deliver Dota 2 content in a timely manner, the release date of Spectre’s new arcana may not arrive until deep into 2021.


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