Sova’s Recon Bolt can reveal all enemies on Icebox B site

Fariha Bhatti • March 23, 22:41

Sova is the ultimate jack of all trades. While his Shock Bolt deals damage, his Recon Bolt helps track enemies. On Icebox’s B site, he’s actually capable of scanning the entire area with one simple lineup. 

The snow-coated excavation site features a tight entryway to B, making this map a nuisance to play as attackers. However, breaking open bomb point B is a cakewalk if you have a duelist like Raze to carry you safely. The only way to take B control is by executing a hard push, which attackers often do. Flying in on Jett’s shoulder or Raze’s satchel works most of the time, but not when you have Sova’s Recon Bolt at the ready. 

Sova can utilize the skill to reveal enemies pushing in from B Green. A teammate scouting from yellow can easily hear enemy footsteps in the entryway and call for Sova’s arrow to help hinder the push. Reddit user Snapiex discovered a lineup that you can use to support your team as Sova main.

If you play bomb point A as Sova, this lineup will be quicker to achieve. Here’s how you can replicate it in-game. While rotating from B, stand on the hut balcony and use your ability HUD to guide your crosshair. Align the first bounce slot with metals, as shown in the image. Load the bar halfway and shoot the arrow. 

The bolt will stick on the crane, covering a vast area at bomb point B. This arrow will reveal enemies coming in from both sides of green and anyone holding in the garage. This should allow your teammates at B site to quickly pre-aim and deny the push. 

The bolt will stick on the crane, barely noticeable by enemies. The awkward position of the bolt will slow down the enemies trying to break it. The positional advantage makes it one of the best retake lineups for a defender Sova. 

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