Sonic Frontiers review

Sonic Frontiers is getting bad reviews, but will it be delayed?

By Olivia Richman


Jun 14, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Sonic Frontiers is unlike any other Sonic game that yet existed. And that may be a bad thing.

The demo for Sonic Frontiers has been out for a few days and fans of the franchise have had a chance to immerse themselves in an entirely new Sonic world. Unfortunately, a lot of reviewers have been disappointed with what they experienced.

Is Sonic Frontiers a good game?

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog have been concerned about the game since seeing the gameplay reveal trailer on June 1. First looks at the gameplay didn’t lift anyone’s spirits.

The game’s visuals were immediately the source of many internet memes, including some fans saying that Sonic is so fast he “outran the graphics card.” A lot of people noted that it looked like an indie game from a small company, or even a basic tech demo. Some joked that it looked like a fan-made project.

The world is expansive in some areas but is largely underwhelming to look at and explore. The locations feel barren and Sonic isn’t able to fully explore spaces without getting caught in various loops and platforms that slowed him down immensely.

Early players were also disappointed in the battles. While there are skill trees, an interesting new element to a Sonic game, early battles consist of just using Sonic’s signature homing and spinning attacks. With a lot of the enemies popping up just to be killed with one hit, it feels repetitive and boring.

Boss battles aren’t much better due to the clunky and dull gameplay. One reviewer noticed that the camera frequently lost track of targets and that the spot dodge mechanic wasn’t much of a dodge at all. The fights were more frustrating than fun.

There have been some improvements following the initial gameplay reveal, including better animations and movement. Unfortunately, fans felt that the game’s worlds were lacking and plain, while others still worried about the janky mechanics sticking around.

Fans react to Sonic Frontiers gameplay

After video game review sites showed off Sonic Frontiers gameplay, fans decided to voice concerns across social media. A hashtag even started on Twitter: #DelaySonicFrontiers. Fans were hoping that they could raise enough concerns that developers would go back to the drawing board.

Developers have responded, however, that the game is almost finished and there is no plan to delay the game.

The company’s decision to go forward with the release has disappointed some Sonic fans. But others are excited to try out the game for themselves later this year.


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