Someone just made a working game of chess in CSGO

Nick Johnson • March 25, 2020 10:39 am

Reddit user Imania is a prolific creator, bending the Source Engine to his will over the years making more than 80 maps and mods for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In his latest creation, he has decided to bring one of the world’s oldest popular games to one of its newest.

Imania has ported such games as UNO, Connect 4, and Golf It! to Counter-Strike, but this time they decided to stay on the traditional side of gaming with their newest addition. Imania has managed to bring a real working chessboard into CSGO, complete with moving pieces and highlighted movement options, all governed by the classic rules of chess. 

Latest CSGO mod brings chess to the game

The mod is playable by two players, who choose which piece to move using a simple click of the mouse. Reception to the mod has been very positive, with some even discussing a theoretical ending to the game of chess featured in Imania’s screenshots.

This isn’t the first time the creator has made popular games inside the Source engine. Right now, Steam users can head over to Imania’s Steam Workshop page and choose from over 80 maps and mods to download, ranging from the creator’s newest uploads to Overcooked and even to a working Rubic’s Cube.

Ever wanted to play Golf It!, but on Cache? You can do that.

Source engine mods show flexibility with skilled creators

The Source Engine is known for two things: its occasional stubbornness and its ability to create some pretty insane things. Given the amount of time everyone has on their hands these days, these are some great maps to dive into with friends while players wait for the all-clear.

Counter-Strike also has some fantastic cooperative maps out there floating around. Michael “shroud” Grzesiek famously went on a cooperative kick a few years ago, leading content so good it probably made Tarik “tarik” Celek jealous.

Be sure to check out Imania’s complete collection over on his Steam Workshop page and drop them a compliment. Working with the Source Engine isn’t as easy as Imania and others make it seem.


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