Sneaky’s latest cosplay brings gamer girl fantasy to life

By Olivia Richman


Feb 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Former League of Legends pro Zach “Sneaky” Schuderi revealed a cosplay late last night that will have more than just Cloud9 saying “you’re so hot, brother.”

“Any gamers?” Sneaky coyly tweeted, showing off some photos from his latest cosplay photoshoot. Sporting pink pigtails and a cropped off-the-shoulder hoodie, Sneaky looked like the streamer of everyone’s dreams.

In one of the photos, Sneaky donned a VR headset with a pair of controllers. But what had the gaming community more invested in that photo was Sneaky’s ensemble. This photo revealed that below the cropped hoodie, Sneaky wasn’t wearing anything aside from some lacy lingerie and fishnets.

Sneaky cosplay

This had the esports scene going wild already. Sneaky fans posted some steamy tweets, confessing their undying devotion to the former pro LoL player. Being a simp for Sneaky has become quite common within the gaming sector.

But Sneaky had another surprise for his fans. On Instagram, Sneaky shared the same set with an added photo. The extra photo immediately became a fan favorite thanks to Sneaky’s cheeky pose and coy smile. Sneaky’s simp army couldn’t help but confess their love for Sneaky and his most recent cosplay creation.

Sneaky added on Instagram that the new set would be coming to Patreon soon. Sneaky currently has 1,835 patrons on his cosplay account. The minimum cost to sign up is $2 a month, although $10 will grant fans access to one exclusive photoset a month. Sneaky used to also offer signed photos and other perks to his Patreon members, but that’s no longer advertised on his account.

Even if every fan is only signed up for the $2 tier, that means Sneaky is making about $44,000 a year through his Patreon. Sneaky states that the money goes towards future cosplay photoshoots.


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