Sneaky shows a lot in Halloween cosplay of Azur Lane Casablanca

By Olivia Richman


Nov 2, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

“Happy Halloween!”

So how does the League of Legends community celebrate this spooky holiday? With another cosplay from Zach “Sneaky” Scuderi, of course! The former League of Legends pro dropped an adorable game-related cosplay on Halloween for all of his fans. 

The cosplay was based on Casablanca from the Chinese mobile game Azur Lane. The ships are basically cutesy girls with some armor and metal. To capture Casablanca’s look, Sneaky wore a red, blue, and white long-sleeved shirt and pleated skirt. He also pulled off a platinum blonde wig that sported a giant, blue bow. His light makeup and innocent poses helped complete the look. 

Casablanca Sneaky cosplay Halloween

Sneaky has been stepping away from League of Legends themed cosplays recently. His previous cosplay was inspired by Vanilla from Nekopara, a manga and anime revolving around catgirls that are kept as pets. That was Sneaky’s return to form after a period of simpler outfits due to quarantine. These consisted of e-girl getups featuring thigh-high socks and chokers. 

But Sneaky couldn’t help himself this time around either. He had to do another e-girl-inspired look. This time he transformed himself into a maid for his “bonus” Halloween costume and wore it for a night of streaming on Twitch. 

Both outfits earned Sneaky a “you’re so hot, brother” tweet from Cloud9. Sneaky also had fans drooling over him, giving him more support on his ever-growing Patreon. 


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