Smoke bug on CSGO map Ancient costs pro player his life

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

It’s no secret that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s latest map Ancient has minor problems but this new smoke grenade bug is too risky.

Valve’s recent addition to the CSGO map pool was well-received but players continue to encounter minor bugs. Despite its exceptional design that pays homage to 1.6 map Aztec, players aren’t entirely happy due to recurring issues. Previous glitches didn’t necessarily impact the game results but this new one caught on Livestream can be deadly in some instances.

During a game against ENCE, Astralis’ in-game leader Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander ended up in enemies’ crosshairs after his smoke failed to land at the intended spot.

Site A on ancient is pretty easy to take over for Terrorists due to the small area. Well-planned pushes can easily grant site control with the help of a few flashbangs. Keeping them at bay can be a tall order but an effective smoke like the one gla1ve used was ideal for slowing them down. However, a common bug left gla1ve imperiled in front of a hard push.

Gla1ve’s lineup was spot-on but the bugged map swallowed the smoke just when it was about to pop. The professional player was in a risky spot when he threw an accurate smoke to slow down the Terrorists’ push. Unfortunately, the grenade slid through the playable area and bloomed underground, leaving gla1ve vulnerable. As a result, the enemies rushing in caught him fully exposed with a Deagle on him. Expectedly, gla1ve lost the aim battle against multiple enemies and died.

If the bug hadn’t occurred at that exact moment, gla1ve might’ve been able to land a few kills. Gla1ve himself acknowledged the weird glitch and joked that Valve is trying to nerf his smokes.

Ancient is still a relatively new map so the random bugs shouldn’t come as a surprise. But, a bug like this would provide enemies with a massive advantage and can be a game-changer in ranked matches. The developer hasn’t yet commented on the bug, but it’s likely a one-time thing. Many players claim that it’s a long-standing bug that can be triggered when smoke hits an enemy in the leg. Whatever the case, it’s recommended to not rely too much on utility while playing Ancient until Valve delivers a fix for the bug.