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Skyrim outsells Starfield on Steam in 2024

By Olivia Richman


Jan 4, 2024

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As Starfield continues to face negative feedback, Bethesda’s older title Skyrim has pulled ahead in sales.

Skyrim is over a decade old, but it has remained a beloved classic when it comes to fantasy RPGs. Gamers have become even more nostalgic for Skyrim’s memorable characters and entertaining gameplay after being let down by Starfield.

The long-awaited space RPG was exciting at first, but fans soon admitted that they became bored of its empty world and meaningless quests over time. This resulted in the game becoming Mostly Negative on Steam. Not only that, but it was reported that Skyrim has outsold the newer game in the last few weeks.

Steam publishes a top 100 games list every week. From December 19-25, Skyrim was one spot ahead of Starfield. It jumped to an astonishing 30 spots ahead the next week. That means that Skyrim went into 2024 selling more than Starfield.

Steam’s list is determined by revenue, which is even crazier since Skyrim is only $7.99 on Steam and Starfield is almost $50.

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Why is Starfield Mostly Negative on Steam?

Steam’s reviews have become Mostly Negative in the last few weeks. This is due to a lot of backlash the game has received once gamers grew tired of the space drama.

Gamers who have put a lot of time into Starfield have commented that the game is just boring. Many planets feel empty and the storyline feels surface level. Many interactions left players feeling empty, and the gameplay itself isn’t anything special. It lacks the charm of Bethesda’s more popular titles, like Skyrim’s memorable and meme-worthy characters and Fallout’s eerie apocalyptic environment.

Starfield will be getting a big update in 2024 so Bethesda fans still have hope, however, that we’ll see something that changes our minds.


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