Skins and cosmetics revealed for new Overwatch hero Baptiste

By Rebekah Drake


Mar 8, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The latest update to PTR brings a number of changes Overwatch’s’ newest hero, Baptiste, along with a host of new skins and cosmetics.

The same update also introduced some mechanical changes to Baptiste’s weapons, an alteration to the graphical effects of his Immortality Field, and some extra balance updates to Zarya and Junkrat.

The first legendary skin to be revealed for the hero was shared on the official PlayOverwatch Twitter account. Titled Buccaneer, the skin has a definitive pirate theme that has already excited many fans of the new hero. The theme ties into some hints found in the initial documents that teased the hero, which made reference to Baptiste enjoying a good drink of rum.

The second legendary skin was revealed with the announcement of the PTR update, showing a Special Ops theme for the hero. As with most legendary skins, both the Spec Ops and Buccaneer skins have alternate color variations. This will give Baptiste four legendary skins at release. The support hero will be released with 10 total skins to collect.

The rest of Baptiste’s cosmetics were also uploaded to the PTR server, revealing the voice lines, sprays, victory poses, and highlight intros that will be available in the hero gallery upon release.  Along with the available loot for the hero, an option was added in Baptiste’s custom controls to prevent the automatic reload of his Biotic Launcher weapon. His Immortality Field was also updated with both audio and visual changes.

Along with Baptiste’s changes, Junkrat has received an additional change after being buffed on the PTR last week. His primary fire damage has been reduced from 60 points to 50. On live servers, the damage is currently just 40 per grenade. Separately, the cost of his ultimate has been increased by 15%.

Zarya’s alternate fire changes have been reverted since the last update, meaning that the radius of the energy balls will no longer change based on the heroes’ charge percentage.