SK Telecom T1 defeats Griffin, is the LCK summer champion

Melany Moncav • August 31, 13:14

SK Telecom T1 is the 2019 LCK Summer champion!

The storied organization completed its playoff run with a victory over Griffin. This is its eighth LCK title, and its one it will carry into the 2019 League of Legends World Championship as the LCK’s first seed.

Unfortunately for Griffin, the team continues to disappoint in best-of-five series. For the third split in a row, Griffin made it to the LCK finals only to get stomped by the competition.

SKT is in a rush


SKT started the series with an explosive performance. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Kim “Clid” Tae-min partnered up in the early game, scored kills, and claimed objectives. The early pressure from Clid put SKT ahead.

At 15 minutes the team reached critical power spikes, but SKT was in a race against the clock. Griffin had a composition that out-scaled SKT heavily so they needed to work quickly before Griffin could take over the game.

SKT kept the aggression on with Park “Teddy” Jin-seong spearheading their offensive efforts. Griffin couldn’t win any team fights and SKT took advantage of that.

In the final play, Griffin attempted to collapse on Teddy, but that backfired. SKT pulled the trigger and battered Griffin, with only Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon surviving the skirmish for Griffin. They pushed for the win and gained momentum in the series.

SKT takes it slow


SKT slowed down the pace in game two as they switched over to a late game composition. The team spent the early game farming and scouting, building towards their all-important item spikes.

Griffin couldn’t force team fights because SKT could easily reach their backlines. Park “Viper” Do-hyeon was Griffin’s only strong source of damage and SKT effectively neutralized them if they could take him out. This prevented Griffin from taking mid-game fights, which translated into kills and a baron buff for SKT.

Griffin took whatever they could around the map, but they had no chance of overcoming SKT’s stronger late game. Desperate, Griffin attempted to sneak a baron in response to Kim “Khan” Dong-ha’s split pushing.

Lee “Effort” Sang-ho shut that down with a heroic effort, stealing the baron from Griffin. SKT slaughtered Griffin in the pit while Khan ran over the nexus.

Griffin finds a win


Griffin hit back in game three and it was all because of Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong. The jungler finally had a presence on the map and he used it to get first blood with a solo kill of Clid. The play turned into a team fight where Griffin walked away with two more kills.

Throughout the game, Tarzan kept finding Clid in the jungle and chasing him around. The aggressive approach and bullying of Khan paid off for Griffin. The team turned it into control over the neutral objectives and multiple kills.

Son “Lehends” Si-woo on Shen was a critical part of Griffin’s victory. The global ultimate from this champion turned fights around in a matter of seconds. SKT still found picks but it wasn’t enough to close the gold gap between the two teams.

Griffin camped in the mid lane bush and used that to gank Khan. Griffin took him down, tore up the rest of SKT, and destroyed the nexus in a single push.

SKT wins in the pick and bans


Griffin couldn’t keep the momentum going in game four. The team drafted a composition that required a strong presence from Tarzan in all three lanes, or else it was incredibly weak early.

That might have been too much for any jungler to handle, but Tarzan made matters even worse by missing his skill shots and making other mistakes as he tried to threaten lanes.

SKT took control of the match and never let it go. Lehends was victimized by SKT, who tracked him down and killed him repeatedly. The pressure seemed to shake Lehends, who seemed to play sloppier with each gank.

Griffin invested heavily into getting a single kill on Faker, but SKT punished them immediately and rotated to the baron buff. With three infernal dragons in their pockets and 16 kills on the scoreboard, SKT got ready to siege the enemy base.

Griffin made one final, desperate engage. SKT slaughtered them inside the base for an ace and the win.

SKT is heading to the 2019 World Championship as the LCK’s first seed. Griffin qualified for the event through championship points as the second seed. The third seed will be decided in the regional finals.


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