Sinatraa retires from Overwatch League to pursue Valorant career

Olivia Richman • April 28, 22:41

Overwatch League fans were shocked to see San Francisco Shock saying goodbye to their star player earlier today. 

The championship team tweeted that last year’s OWL MVP, Jay “sinatraa” Won, was retiring from professional Overwatch. 

Seeing as the SF Shock are the most unstoppable team in the Overwatch League and sinatraa has been rumored to have a pretty hefty salary, the rumor of his retirement came as a surprise to fans at first. sinatraa joined the San Francisco Shock before the inaugural season of the OWL even began, back when he was too young to legally play. Since then, he’s become one of the most popular and talented players in the Overwatch League, known for his expertise on Doomfist and his dominance during the GOATS meta. 

Despite a shaky start to the 2020 OWL season, the Shock were looking to be one of the top teams yet again. 

So why was sinatraa leaving? 

Rumors started flying, with some fans guessing that sinatraa was leaving the team to play for the Los Angeles Valiant. While this rumor was quickly shot down, nobody would have expected that sinatraa would leave the Overwatch League scene altogether. He is arguably the most well known Overwatch pro in the world. But it still might be happening. 

sinatraa has his eyes on Valorant pro scene

According to a report by ESPN, sinatraa left the Shock to pursue a career in Valorant, Riot’s new first-person shooter. Although they weren’t able to get any comments from sinatraa or any organizations, ESPN believed that sinatraa was signed to The Sentinels’ Valorant team. 

While this may sound unlikely, the Overwatch League has barred retiring players from singing with any organization that was a parent or sister to a team competing in the league. That’s why the 20-year-old OWL star won’t be playing Valorant under NRG Esports, which is also creating a Valorant squad. 

Before playing Overwatch professionally, sinatraa was a competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. These two titles are often compared to Valorant due to their similar maps and playstyle, along with the use of abilities. Since sinatraa is talented in both games, Valorant is most likely a game that comes easy to him. Joining the competitive scene early will put him at an advantage as well. 

After realizing the news had been leaked, sinatraa decided to make his own statement on the news. 

“Okay, wait I didnt expect it to leak so I’m not ready. Lemme write up a TwitLonger for the first time in my life,” sinatraa tweeted.

In the following TwitLonger, sinatraa admitted he lost passion for the Overwatch, possibly due to 2-2-2 role lock or hero bans. Either way, he didn’t have fun at scrims anymore and spent nights laying awak from all of the pressure and stress. He apologized to his fans and then sent some personal messages to each of his teammates. 


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