shroud says CSGO is a boomer game, but is it really?

Fariha Bhatti • December 2, 12:46

Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comparisons are slowly dying down, but the conversation isn’t dead yet. shroud has once again ruffled the feathers of CSGO fans by calling it a “boomer game.”

CSGO’s fresh competitor Valorant has quickly become a top FPS esports title after a blockbuster release in 2020. Riot’s tactical shooter managed to rope in tons of CSGO pros and casual players alike in its first year, triggering comparisons between the two games. shroud has continued to fuel the fire with his hot takes that mostly favor Riot’s take on the genre.

The streamer has previously explained why CSGO has a much larger viewership appeal. On his recent VCT Champions appeal, he’s clarified that it’s still a boomer game despite its high esports potential.

“CS is a boomer game, this [Valorant] is not a boomer game. It’s too fast, man. You have to have zero fucking boomers to be on the top, and that’s the fact,” shroud said.

During his VCT stream, the pro player explained that Valorant pro players need to be lightning-fast and mentally active to win a game. While Valorant is tactically heavy, it mostly requires quick thinking from the players, apparently something “boomers” struggle with, according to shroud. The variety streamer explained that you couldn’t have “one, two, three” or even a single boomer on the roster if you aim to be a pro team at the top of the Valorant scene.

Why did shroud call CSGO a “boomer game”?

shroud is likely hinting at the constant addition of new abilities and agents and adapting to them as reasons for why “boomers” would struggle in Valorant.

Each agent brings a unique set of powers to the game, which can be tough to play against in high-stake games if you’re not fully invested. It’s worth noting that just a few months ago, shroud had discussed why Valorant is easier than CSGO. The former pro player explained that agent divisions allow Valorant players to better focus on their individual roles in a team. Conversely, every player in CSGO must be a sharp aimer and must learn utility setups to come through in a time of need.

Whatever the case, both games are unique in their own way and challenge players in different ways. While Valorant makes it easier for players to focus on their roles by setting separate agent categories, adjusting to its odd utility can be a considerable challenge. Whereas CSGO’s precise gunplay can be tough to learn, and each player must master all roles to be a valuable part of the team.


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