shroud explains why he quit PUBG, and how to save the game

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds streams were all the rage during the game’s boom. Now long removed from playing the game regularly, the streamer has revealed what could bring him back to PUBG. 

shroud gave the battle royale another shot on a recent stream, but he wasn’t impressed with it. Dying right after multiple spawns, he explained why he doesn’t enjoy playing PUBG anymore. 

“This is how my PUBG experience usually goes, PUBG is fun for the first few games, and then this happens for the next ten, spawn, get a kill, die. I am not feeling PUBG. This is fan service. I am not having a good time,” shroud said

As a solution, shroud suggested that a map that allows you to land at a chosen spot safely could help save PUBG, which has suffered a precipitous decline in player count. The current system only led him to frustration, with him labeling it “dead and outdated.” 

“You know what this game would benefit from, opening up the map and going, ‘alright, I’m going to click and spawn here, I’m going to click and spawn here, I’m going to click and spawn here, you know?” shroud said. 

These days, shroud is primarily known for his Valorant streams and his brief lessons in other first-person shooters. On top of being a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive legend, shroud has spent a lot of time streaming other games such as Rainbow 6 Siege, Escape of Tarkov, and PUBG. His PUBG streams were a hit when the game was in its boom period, but the former pro player still avoids the game these days. With over 2,600 live streaming hours on PUBG, it was shocking for the viewers when he basically quit the game cold turkey. 

It doesn’t seem like that’s changing either, with his recent trip down memory lane being unpleasant. shroud kept dying to stream snipers and looked bored for the most part. However, PUBG isn’t entirely up the creek yet. The pro player thinks that it can still be number one if the developer introduces community-made mods.

“I am still a firm believer that this game could be the number one game. If that’s all they did, they said ‘hey, we’ll make you guys tools’ you’ll be able to make your own shit, your mods, servers. It’d be the number one game,” shroud said. 
Apart from stream snipers polluting the battle royale, shroud thinks it’s about time people move on from it and wait for a “PUBG 2”. Krafton has previously confirmed that a new PUBG-related survival horror game is in the cards for 2022. So, until a new game is released, it’s unlikely fans will see shroud play PUBG again. 


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