Shattered Web Week 9 missions release, require some skilled play

By Nick Johnson


Jan 14, 2020

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s week nine challenges are here and are asking players to have a pretty good day in order to finish them all.

Week nine’s “…Just Having a Good Day” is all about precision and ending up on top of the competition. If players just want to earn their six stars for their rewards and move on, it’s an easy week to do so. There are two three-star challenges that won’t take too long, even for inexperienced players.

…Just Having A Good Day

  • On a Roll: “Get a kill streak of four or ore in Deathmatch: Dust II.
  • On the Podium…ish: “Place fourth or better in Danger Zone.
  • One Taps: “Get 15 Headshots kills in Guardian: Mirage with no armor.”
  • Que Ota?: “Get five headshot kills with the Desert Eagle in a single Casual: Dust II match.”
  • Take Your Time: “Get 5 headshot kills in Wingman.”
  • Overachiever: “Earn 5 MVPs in Competitive Matches”

Shattered Web week nine overview

“Take your Time” and “Overachiever” are the three-star challenges this week. Luckily, they’re also the two that most likely players will accomplish just by playing. Headshot kills in wingman will happen naturally as players play matches in the game mode. They require nothing special besides some decent aim and the ability to work as a team.

By the same logic, players making sure they’re the one holding the bomb in competitive is going to add MVP’s to a player’s score by default. These challenges are simple and require little to no changes in playstyle to achieve.

In fact, few of this week’s challenges require a change in playstyle. CSGO fans will have to return to Danger Zone in order to complete “On the Podium…ish.” The challenge asks players to place fourth or better in a match of Danger Zone. Those that aren’t fans of the game mode should know it’s only worth one star.

“On a Roll” is going to fill Dust 2 deathmatch servers once again this week as everyone goes for kill streaks. The server problems some players saw in week seven didn’t reappear last week, so Valve seems to have fixed that issue. With the way spawns work in deathmatch, completing this mission shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. 

There are two more challenges with a focus on headshots this week. “Que Ota?” puts players in the Dust: 2 Casual playlist and “One Taps” sends them to Guardian: Mirage. All players need is five headshots in a single Dust 2 match and they can cross “Que Ota?” off the list. 

This week’s Guardian mission asks players to get headshot kills without armor and might be week nine’s most difficult mission. With the improvements Valve has made to bots over the recent weeks, expect the Guardian missions to increase in difficulty moving forward.


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