Shard Chen is the hot new Dota 2 build, here’s how to do it

Kenneth Williams • September 30, 16:38

Chen’s Aghanim’s Shard is stampeding over patch 7.30. Here’s how to kill your enemies with a portable ancient stack.

Warm up your micro skills, because Chen is making plays in Dota 2 matchmaking.

Chen’s win rate has surged in patch 7.30d. The micro-intensive missionary’s win rate has jumped to a whopping 49.4% in Ancient matchmaking. That doesn’t seem strong, but it’s an extremely high win rate for such a micro-intensive hero. Here’s how to take advantage of his imbalanced Aghanim’s Shard and take over the game.

The new Chen focuses almost entirely on his Aghanim’s Shard ability. The 1,400 gold item allows Chen to take control of ancient creeps, the most powerful neutrals in the game besides Roshan. The creeps don’t get the same bonuses as Helm of the Overlord, but Chen can recruit up to three of them at level 18. It’s tough to lose with three Ancient Black Dragons backing you up.

How to play Chen in patch 7.30d

If you feel like adding Chen to your support repertoire, it’s a good idea to try him out in demo mode first. His abilities are somewhat complex and he requires an understanding of micro control. To learn how to spawn creeps in demo mode, check out our Dota 2 chat command guide.

Chen is pretty mediocre without creeps, but a point in Divine Favor can help you trade with the enemy laners. Start maxing Divine Persuasion with a value point in Penitence at level four. Take Hand of God whenever you can and don’t be afraid to use it liberally.

For items, Chen’s normal progression is Mekansm into Guardian Greaves, but try to have 1,400 gold saved up as soon as Aghanim’s Shard becomes available. Chen gets a sizable power spike at levels 12 and 18 since he can grab more ancients. Look for potential pushes and try to take enemy tier ones as fast as possible. Access to more jungle camps means better creeps, especially in the enemy triangle.

Chen’s mid and late-game responsibilities are much easier with ancient creeps. Persuade some Black Dragons and use their active ability to push all three lanes at once. Turn down the enemy’s damage with a Golem. If your carry needs a boost, use the Thunderhide’s buff to give them 75 attack speed. Throwing them at towers is a good way to slow siege, just watch the boosted kill bounty.


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