SF Shock’s sinatraa named Overwatch League 2019 MVP

Olivia Richman • September 6, 20:14

San Francisco Shock’s Jay “sinatraa” Won was announced as the 2019 Overwatch League MVP this weekend. 

“I’ve grown a lot. I was pretty toxic and egotistical last year,” sinatraa reflected after receiving the trophy. “Coming into this season, I gotta give it to my coaching staff. They helped me grow as a player, teammate, and a leader. I’m really grateful for them.” 


This sentiment was echoed by the team as a whole. The Shock tweeted that they couldn’t ask for a better “player, personality, or leader,” shortly after the award was announced. 

There’s no doubt that Shock fans are excited about sinatraa’s MVP status. But his biggest fan, his mother, couldn’t help but express that excitement on the San Francisco Shockwaves’ Facebook page. 

“I am in tears of joy. This news means the world to me because Jay’s hard work and dedication paid off! Raising a child with ADHD was challenging and I often felt like I am failing him. Jay taught me that it’s ok not to fit into the box. He found his place where he can excel. At the end of the day all we want is to see our children thriving and happy!” she wrote.

sinatraa dominates for Shock in OWL Season 2

Sinatraa MVP stats

sinatraa has continued to steal the show every time the Shock are up on the Blizzard Arena stage thanks to his mastery of not only DPS heroes, but also Zarya back when GOATS was a necesary team comp.

According to the Overwatch League’s official stats, sinatraa has the top spot for hero damage per 10 minutes across the entire league and all of its teams. He is second in eliminations, and in the top-ten for fewest deaths.

sinatraa’s Overwatch League journey


The popular Overwatch personality was signed to the San Franciso Shock back in Season 1 of the OWL at just 17 years old. This was months before he was eligible to play in the OWL, but his followers had already seen his talent as part of Team USA. And so had the Shock.

sinatraa gained the nickname “Mr. 150K” after it was reported that the team had offered him a contract with a $150,000 annual salary. 

The Shock didn’t reach expectations in their first season, but Season 2 saw the team dominate during the GOATS meta thanks to their superior teamwork and mechanical skills. This was also thanks to sinatraa’s Zarya abilities, and he became known as one of the best Zarya players in the league. 

But sinatraa is a DPS main first and foremost. In Stage 4, with the 2-2-2 role lock in place, fans got to see sinatraa shine on damage heroes once again. It was his combination of tank and damage hero play that ultimately made him Overwatch League’s 2019 MVP. 


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