Sentinels’ Sinatraa suffers freak eye injury while working out

Olivia Richman • October 16, 2020 6:43 am

Former Overwatch League MVP and current Valorant superstar Jay “Sinatraa” Won had a bit of a mishap earlier today. 

Sinatraa shared a “little update” on Twitter on October 15, attaching a shocking photo of his very bruised and bloodshot eye. According to Sinatraa, he injured his eye with a resistance band while working out yesterday. While he “went fully blind for three hours” and had to get some stitches, there’s luckily been no permanent damage. 

“They said I would most likely recover in a week or two, so no stream, boys,” Sinatraa said. 

Sinatraa immediately received support from the esports community, including his former OWL team and his current Valorant organization. The San Francisco Shock wished him a “quick recovery” and Sentinels told Sinatraa that they will always have his back. 

“Get well soon, Jay!” Sentinels exclaimed. 

Sinatraa eye damage

Eye injuries are quite serious, especially for professional gamers. Past studies have focused on the eye movement of top tier players in first person shooters. It would most likely be quite difficult for Sinatraa to focus on the maps properly or glance at his mini-maps with a serious injury. That explains the two-week break from streaming. 

Sinatraa has been showing off his gym routines on Twitter lately. His eye injury probably has him rethinking his workout regimen  as well. 


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