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seized reveals Trident Clan owes salaries to entire CSGO team

By Olivia Richman


Sep 24, 2021

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Esports organization Trident Clan apparently owes its former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team around $35,000.

Former Trident Clan player Denis “seized” Kostin told Dexerto that Trident Clan owes him and his former teammates money, including $7,000 owed to seized personally. He first revealed that Trident Clan owed the money on September 8, explaining that the organization had stopped paying all of the team’s salaries in May 2021. At the time, seized claimed that the organization told everyone “different stories” about the lack of payment.

In the original post from September 8, seized wrote that the team left Triden Clan in July when the organization closed its CSGO division due to the lack of funds. This was two months after the players had stopped receiving their salaries. According to seized, the withheld funds include prize money owed to players, coaches, and managers estimated at $11,000.

seized gives update on Trident Clan

Almost a month later, seized said he and his teammates are still waiting for the money that they are owed. seized explained to Dexerto that he was still speaking with Trident Clan’s CEO, Ruslan “Bobidze” Bibulatov. The CEO would allegedly tell the players he would give them their owed money within 24 hours, only for it not to happen.

Bobidze lying to the players is allegedly nothing new. seized said that the team stuck around for those two unpaid months because they believed Bobidze wouldn’t go back on his word of paying them what was owed. Even outside of competition, the team had a good relationship with Bobidze and had no reason to think the CEO would avoid paying them.

Trident Clan’s CSGO roster is now signed with Team Singularity, which sees seized competing with such veterans as Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs and Daniil “d1Ledez” Kusto.


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