Rumors say Cobblestone will return for CS2

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 16, 2023

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Cobblestone is one of the most polarizing maps in Counter-Strike history, but Valve may take yet another crack at it in CS2.

Love it or hate it, it’s impossible to deny the influence that Cobblestone has had on CSGO. From spawning its most iconic skin to its constant appearances in the early competitive days, Cobble was king. However, it’s been out of active duty for several years now. That may all change in CS2, as in-game file adjustments have hinted at a return for the legendary map.

The rumors have spawned from multiple in-game changes discovered in the files for the CS2 limited beta test. These changes were first publicized by reputed Counter-Strike data miners Aquarius and Thour, and they were probably added in the recent Italy update. The strings show changes for Cobblestone, a map that has yet to even be hinted at in any CS2 blog updates or trailers.

As always, these changes do not confirm a Cobblestone remake for CS2. However, it’s strange that Valve would reference the map at all, considering the state of the beta. It’s possible that the developer is reworking the existing map to fit with the new engine, but the idea of a rework has longtime players chomping at the bit. If the classic battleground does return, what will change?

How will Cobblestone get reworked in CS2?

Cobblestone is one of Counter-Strike’s most historic maps, but its myriad flaws will probably get several reworks in CS2.

The most likely changes will be on the sites. Cobblestone’s sites are infamously open, with very little cover for repositioning after frags. Both will probably get smaller. Valve could either add more boxes to hide behind or crunch the existing spots together. A CT holding coop on B site, for example, may be able to transition to a fountain without being seen from the plat. Ts defending an A take from the balcony could hop down to the truck without being seen from the site.

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The second major area of concern is the T spawn area. Cobblestone’s massive size extends beyond the bomb sites, with nearly half of the map going unused in the majority of rounds. The map has a ton of empty space, so a CS2 rework would likely cut most of T spawn and tower. Knowing Valve, there’s a decent chance the fan-favorite portapotties could also take a vacation.

Regardless of the changes, fans can be sure that Valve will keep the map’s unique identity intact. The CT side spawning in the middle of a bomb site will probably remain, and the twisting hallways of Dragon Lore are too iconic to remove. B site’s drop, which is infamously held by only the steeliest of CT players, will probably stay the same. A site’s unique two-story approach is probably safe as well. While a Cobblestone rework isn’t confirmed for CS2, the possibility should excite many CSGO veterans.


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