Ruined King is available now after Riot Forge Showcase

By Nicholas James


Nov 16, 2021

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The Riot Forge Showcase is over, and Riot Games’ publishing arm has given updates on games that are already announced as well as detailing new adventures for players around Runeterra.

Riot Forge was announced as a part of League of Legends’ 10th-anniversary celebration as a way for indie developers to get their hands on the League of Legends IP and tell stories about champions who can’t get a story spotlight in League of Legends normal gameplay.

The big news is the surprise launch of the Ruined King game ahead of schedule. The heavily viewed announcement ended with the surprise that fans can get their hands on the Ruined King game right now.

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The Ruined King surprise release at Riot Forge Showcase

The Ruined King game was hit with substantial delays during its development but got a sudden breath of life at the Riot Forge Showcase. The story-focused RPG was meant to be released alongside the Ruination event in League of Legends.

The story focuses on Viego’s return to Runeterra and his quest to reclaim the soul of his wife Isolde. Developer Airship Syndicate got the chance to flesh out one of League of Legends’ most important story events. The game stars Yasuo, Ahri, Braum, Miss Fortune, and Pyke as they try to save Bilgewater and Runeterra from Viego’s shadowy grip.

Fans can purchase the game right now and dive into League of Legends’ biggest story beat yet.

A Song of Nunu brings the cute to League of Legends

The new title announced at this showcase was A Song of Nunu.

The game focuses on the duo of Nunu, a Freljordian child, and Willump, a yeti. Nunu’s quest to find his mother isn’t one of League of Legends’ most impactful story implications, but developer Tequila Works is clearly looking to pull at players’ heartstrings. The game evokes linear story games like Journey in its simple but gorgeous aesthetic.

CONV/RGENCE and Hextech Mayhem get deeper looks

CONV/RGENCE, the action platformer starring Ekko, as well as Hextech Mayhem, the music game starring Ziggs, both got slightly deeper looks. Hextech Mayhem will release today while CONV/RGENCE has yet to receive a release date. Both games got extended trailers and commentary from developers that flesh out exactly what each game hopes to achieve.


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