Rubick receives latest Dota 2 Arcana

By Neslyn Apduhan


Aug 14, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

After a near miss during the TI7 Arcana Vote, the Grand Magus Rubick claimed it this year.

It’s been a tradition that each year Battle Pass owners cast votes for the next hero to receive an Arcana. The Arcana voting system split heroes into four single elimination brackets. Higher level Battle Pass owners can cast more votes.

Since The International 2014, Valve took to Compendium or Battle Pass Arcana votes to determine the next hero to be given one of the rarest and most expensive items in Dota 2. Phantom Assassin won against Juggernaut in 2014, and the Arcana release came along with the Nemesis Assassin Event.

The following year saw Zeus win against Queen of Pain. However, the 2016 Arcana Vote is quite a controversy with Io losing to Juggernaut. Fans claimed that they were robbed of Io Arcana. In 2017, the wisp was removed in the Arcana Vote but Valve had better plans for Io. Battle Pass owners who reached level 245 received an Io Arcana that’s not tradable or marketable.

The 2017 Arcana vote saw Pudge and Rubick fight in the Grand Finals. The result was very close, only 8,711 votes apart. Pudge won with 50.0008% that year, leaving Rubick’s fans waiting for the TI8 Arcana vote to finally seal the deal.

During the main stage of The International 2018, Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden announced the winner of the TI8 Arcana Vote and it was the Grand Magus Rubick. The result shows that Rubick garnered 51.1% or almost 27 million votes. Although it’s too far-fetched to ask for an Arcana that will make customization to the hero’s Spell Steal, Rubick’s Arcana will surely be an extensive cosmetic for the hero.

Rubick’s Arcana may be a year late for some fans, but now it’s here. The Arcana is expected to arrive in early 2019.


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