Riot wants to kill ADC Senna in last patch before Worlds 2020

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The preview for the 2020 World Championship patch has arrived and it includes some interesting buffs and nerfs that might have an effect on the Worlds meta. 

As per usual, lead gameplay designer for League of Legends Mark “Scuffy” Yetter has provided a list of detailed buffs and nerfs. 

Udyr and Vayne buffed prior to 2020 World Championship

More champions will receive a buff for this patch compared to those getting nerfs, which could mean that Riot wants the most diverse champion pool for Worlds possible. Riot is also targeting some forgotten champions that are rarely seen played in both solo queue and professional play. 


  • R – Phoenix Stance, Cone damage 50-275 (+60% AP) >> 50-325 (+70% AP)

Udyr will receive a big buff to his Phoenix Stance, which could mean that we will be seeing some more Udyr jungle action. The buff gives him better scaling, as well as flat damage on his R ability. Phoenix Stance is known for its heavy AOE damage, giving Udyr the ability to power farm in the jungle. 


  • R – Final Hour, Attack damage buff 25-55 >> 35-65

Vayne has always been scary in the late game, but only picked in very specific compositions. Riot wants the playmaking marksman to become a bit stronger during her ultimate, giving her extra power in the most important fights. The buff will affect Vayne as soon as she hits level six, so she will also be more reliable in the early game. 

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Azir and Senna nerfed in patch 10.19

A few champions have become too dominant, especially in professional play. Riot is looking to tone these down a bit before the World Championship so we won’t see any permanent bans. 


  • W – Arise!, Passive bonus attack speed 20-60% >> 10-50%

Azir has been a safe pick in the mid lane for a while now. The Emperor of the Sands is great in many matchups, but can also become a bit boring in the long run. This is why Riot will be cutting down on his attack speed, making room for other champions in the mid lane. The nerf isn’t too significant, so we might still see Azir get some playtime. 

Senna (ADC)

  • P – Absolution, Mist Wraith spawn on minion kill 8.33% >> 4.166%

Senna has mostly been played as an ADC in the latest patches but has become a bit too strong. She is one of the best scalers in the game due to her passive which grants her attack range for every 10 stacks she collects. 

It has become a mini-game for Senna players to collect as many Mist Wraiths as possible, which can end up being very scary for the opponent. Riot will be toning down the drop rate on minion kills by 50%, giving future ADC players a hard time scaling on Senna. This nerf might put Senna back into the support position for Worlds. 


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