Riot wants Doctor Mundo changes to make him a raid boss

By Nicholas James


Feb 14, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Doctor Mundo‘s rework modernized the Zaunite monstrosity, but Riot Games designers are looking at Mundo changes to make him unkillable in the late game.

Riot designer Twin Enso, who was responsible for Mundo’s rework, says that Riot’s long-term goal is to make Mundo an unkillable late-game tank. These Mundo changes would look to make Mundo more effective as the game goes on, as the late-game is an area that he suffers in right now.

Why is Riot looking at Doctor Mundo changes?

At the current moment, Doctor Mundo’s reworked form has a couple of problems. First, his reliance on base stats means that his best success is seen in low ELO play with a win rate that spikes earlier than Riot would like. The old version of Mundo was famous for his potential to become an unkillable monster that sustained through even the most unrelenting damage dumps in the game.

In messages on a Mundo-related Discord channel, Twin Enso said that Riot would ideally like Mundo to be able to better compete in the late game. Fans on Reddit quickly took notice, agreeing with the need for more scaling for the self-proclaimed “doctor” even as some questioned how these changes could be achieved without making the champion overpowered at lower ranks.

Mundo has the niche of being League of Legends’ most infamous health regeneration-based tank. Having no crowd control means that Mundo’s key strength is his raw durability, and this fantasy would imply that Mundo becomes a late-game raid boss, but that’s not currently the case.

Right now, Mundo falls off hard late due to his inability to start fights or effectively peel for his carry-focused teammates. It seems that Riot is hoping to eventually address Mundo’s gameplay to make him more comparable to late-game monsters like Ornn and Nasus. These Mundo changes won’t be immediate, but do show important ways that Riot will look to make Mundo’s fantasy function more vividly the longer a game goes.


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