Riot teases new agent Deadeye with music and more

By Nicholas James


Oct 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The release of Valorant’s new agent is rapidly approaching and it’s been clear for a while that the next agent joining the roster is francophone Deadeye.

The agent’s look has likely already been confirmed and his abilities can be pieced together from context clues. But more teasers are still coming through, this time with mysterious music to cryptic symbols being hidden somewhere on the newest map, Fracture.

The first new clue towards this mysterious sharpshooter is an image discovered by notable Valorant data miner Mike continues to allude to the owner of the empty sniper cases on Fracture. It’s not yet been discovered where on the map the symbol can be seen, but the image is buried in the map’s assets, so it’s there somewhere.

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The file is clearly organized under a folder named “DeadEye”, whose name and arrival have been all but confirmed. The current leading theory for Deadeye is that he was once a worker at the facility depicted in the Fracture map. With two sniper cases on either side of the map’s signature zipline, which runs above a shattered Radianite reactor, two versions of Deadeye are posited to have cooperated to destroy the reactor.

Deadeye music shows up on The Range

That’s not all there is hinting at Deadeye’s arrival, with those taking to The Range to practice their aim finding an unexpected soundtrack wafting up from beneath the firing range. Community lore figure Cynprel took to Twitter to show off the smooth tones floating up from the basement of The Range’s central building.

With more and more hints and teasers dropping, Deadeye seems likely to join Valorant in the very near future. Riot has still confirmed very little about this new agent’s skill set, but promotional material suggests a focus on precision damage abilities and skill expression.