Riot teases Dr. Mundo rework, 3 new champions in champion roadmap

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 24, 2020

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Riot has just released the last champion roadmap of 2020, teasing the new Dr. Mundo visual and gameplay update and some new upcoming champions.

Riot is looking to create more new champions taken directly from the Runeterra universe after succeeding with Yone and Senna recently. According to Riot, players will see a champion that many have been wanting for a long time. 

“Because the reception for Yone and Senna have been so positive, we’re going to bring another character players have been longing for to the Rift next year,” lead producer of champions Ryan “Reav3” Mireles said.  

Furthermore, Riot confirmed that they are on track to release two new champions in 2020. Riot has been aiming to release six new champions within the calendar year, with at least one being added for each role. 

With the release of Sett, Lillia, Yona, and Samira, Riot now needs to release a mage for the mid lane and a support champion. These two champions were teased in the champion roadmap. 

Riot teases upcoming Dr. Mundo rework

Many players have been waiting eagerly for the Dr. Mundo VGU and can finally get a more detailed look at the new update. 

Riot wants to keep Mundo as a tanky champion with a lot of HP regeneration. They are also looking to keep his cleaver and comical persona. Overall, Mundo play similarly, but with tweaks and changes that will make him more satisfying to play. 

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Riot will dive even deeper into the progress with Dr. Mundo in the next champion roadmap, expected to be released sometime in 2021. 

New mage likely to be Seraphine 

The new mage is expected to be Seraphine, who has been very active through her Twitter account recently and announced that she will be featuring in an upcoming song at Worlds with K/DA.

Riot describes the new mage as Piltover and Zaun’s new rising star, who might convert players into an instant mega-fan. The description describes the image of Seraphine very well, so there is no longer any doubt among League of Legends fans.

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A quick tease of the upcoming support was also provided in the champion roadmap, which will probably be the last champion of 2020. Riot describes the champion as a wanted fugitive who is “extremely dangerous and should be approached with caution. 

The jungle champion, who is expected to be released early in 2021, will be a romantic new skirmisher. Not much info is given on the champion yet, but players can expect a fun new jungler that might have some sort of spell that can possess the opponent’s minds. 

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