Riot seeks to rescue Yuumi, buffs new champion in early update

Olivia Richman • May 16, 2019 8:55 pm

Yuumi’s winrate was 29.71 percent at one point yesterday. That is the lowest winrate of any new champion one day after its release. 

Despite an initially exciting release, Yuumi is now in the spotlight for more than just her adorable looks and backstory.

Riot Games’ principal game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer even responded to a tweet that informed them that Yuumi was “a little underpowered,” despite being really cute. League of Legends players have been let down by this. 

Luckily, League of Legends developers have already implemented a mid-patch update that gives Yuumi some much-needed buffs. 

“We’re looking to give Yuumi a boost to her early game that will help both experienced and inexperienced Yuumi players,” the update said.

The hotfix buffed Yuumi’s Q damage and speed. It also buffed her E’s healing, her ultimate’s damage, and even her passive. Her Q, Prowling Projectile, saw a damage increase of 40/65/90/115/140/165 from 40/60/80/100/120/140, a 0.45+ ability power increase. Zoomies, her E ability, had its maximum heal increased by 10 at each level. And her ultimate, Final Chapter, has a multi-hit damage reduction of 50 percent from its magic waves, up from 40 percent. 

Her base mana regeneration increased from 7.5 to 10, and the restore increased to 40-160, based on level. Yuumi’s passive shield was also increased by 30 at every level.

“She was performing considerably below acceptable values,” Kevin “Captain Gameplay” Huang, gameplay designer, said. “These buffs should help tide her over while Yuumi players and their teammates learn the champion’s optimizations.” 

The ideal win-rate for a new champion is around 50 percent, and it may take the developers a few updates to get Yuumi there. Still, the hotfix should give Yuumi a little more survivability and power in the laning phase. 


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