Riot reveals info on 2020 Worlds Pick’em with a new prize

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 21, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

With the 2020 World Championship right around the corner, Riot Games has finally revealed information about the upcoming Pick’em competition and all types of rewards fans can earn throughout the tournament by watching and making predictions. 

This year, new special rewards will be given to people who manage to get all of their Pick’ems correct. This means that you have to predict the outcomes of the group stage and all the way through the playoffs. 

Riot will also be introducing some missions through which fans can earn in-game rewards from watching the Worlds coverage. Just like in the most recent LEC and LCS split, drops will also be enabled on the official Worlds stream. 

2020 Worlds Pick’em info and rewards revealed

What most fans have probably been waiting for is more info about this year’s Pick’ems. Riot announced that it will be available from September 30, where picks for the group stage will be unlocked. Players will have until October 2 to lock in every prediction for the four groups in the Pick’em selection. 

Later on in the tournament, the quarterfinals’ picks will be unlocked on October 11, followed up by the semifinals and finals stages for those later rounds of Worlds. 

The rewards for Pick’ems this year will be exclusive icons. There will be four reward tiers, starting with the Greater Murk Wolf tier going all the way up to the Crimson Raptor tier. Players will also receive rewards by just locking in their picks. Each stage will have new rewards. 

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Players who manage to score the maximum amount of points will be awarded the Perfect Pick Prize. The prize consists of an Alienware Aurora Battlestation, but it will not be easy to get. Very few people have managed to get a perfect Pick’em over the years. 

Special drops and missions available for 2020 Worlds

Besides the Pick’em competition, in-game missions and stream drops will also be enabled. Players will be able to complete Worlds missions by watching the stream on Lolesports. The rewards will be Blue Essence, so make sure to watch some games if you are saving up for a new champion. 

Connecting your League of Legends account to either Twitch or YouTube will also enable stream drops. These drops will be unlocked as key moments happen during the Worlds games. 

Riot has provided a list of key moments that will enable drops, even though they are subject to changes as the tournament goes on.

Key moments: 

  • Anytime in each stage that a Pentakill happens
  • The first time in a stage where the Dragon Soul is taken
  • Anytime a series goes to game five
  • Anytime a pro player gets over 450 CS in a single game and then anytime a player after that beats the record that was just set
  • During the Opening Ceremony of the Finals
  • If a North American Team wins (NA Fans Only)
  • During the third Ace achieved in each stage

The Worlds coverage starts on September 25, including drops and in-game missions.