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Riot reveals first gameplay trailer of new champion Vex

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The next new champion in line will be Vex and now League of Legends players have finally gotten a real look at the new yordle. 

In a trailer first released by Riot Games Brazil, players got a first look at how Vex plays out on Summoner’s Rift and it is by no means disappointing. The dark and emotionless yordle seems to play out in just the theme that everyone expected after plenty of teasers from Riot throughout the past months. Yordles in League of Legends are usually cute and happy creatures, but Vex is looking to be the complete opposite of that. 

The gameplay trailer starts out by showing Ivern, Zoe, Lux, and Fizz all having a great and joyful time on Summoner’s Rift. Shortly after, all the happy noise wakes up the gloomy yordle Vex. This is something the new champion isn’t happy about as Vex quickly go on a rampage aimed at other champions, showcasing her abilities for the first time.

The first ability showcased is a shadow-like ability that is wide and travels fast through the map. This ability seems to deal damage to all enemy hits, as it takes out Zoe in the trailer. 

After taking out Zoe, Vex bumps into Fizz in the jungle where she unleashes her next ability. This ability seems to put a mark on Fizz, followed up by triggering a fear. It’s hard to predict how this fear works from this short clip but it appears that the fear has something to do with the marks and that it could be AOE. 

The last ability that fans get a glimpse at in the short trailer is what looks to be Vex’s ultimate. This ability is showcased in a team fight around the Dragon, where Vex fires off her shadow which hits the first target. Shortly after hitting, Vex travels towards the target and executes. Vex does this to several targets before ending it with taking out Tristana. 

What this ultimate exactly does is also hard to tell from the clip, but it seems like it might be an ultimate that can reset if it executes an enemy champion. If this is the case, Vex could turn out to be a real playmaker that can pull out big highlights. 

With this trailer and Vex’s splash art being revealed, it would seem like the new champion is right around the corner. The exact release date is still unknown, but players should expect to see more from Vex in the coming weeks. 


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