Riot promotes new animated Netflix series with Arcane themed cafe

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The League of Legends animated series Arcane is only a few days away from airing on Netflix, which means worldwide promotion in unexpected ways.

After many months of hype, fans are finally able to watch the first episodes of Arcane on Netflix this weekend. To make the series desirable for the mainstream audience as well, Riot and Netflix have started some big promotions of the series across some of the biggest cities in the world. 

One of the ways to promote the series is with an Arcane-themed cafe, which has popped up in South Korea and allows people to come in and get a real-life taste of the Arcane universe. The Arcane cafe experience is available throughout the week and until the show airs this weekend. 

In a video of the cafe, it shows how the whole thing is built up around Arcane with the possibility to see exclusive Arcane art and buy some attractive merchandise. On the outside, the cafe is decorated with symbols, colors, and pictures like it were taken straight out of the Runeterra universe.  

Inside, the cafe has two floors starting at the ground floor with a big seating area and a cafe where it’s possible to buy Arcane-themed cakes and snacks. On the first floor, people will be entering an art exhibition with paintings of Vi, Jinx, and much more from the Arcane series. There is even a human-sized Jinx figure overlooking everything. 

Riot promotes Arcane across New York, Moscow, Rio

If a cafe dedicated to Arcane in South Korea wasn’t enough, Riot and Netflix are also putting in an effort to promote the series in cities such as New York, Moscow, and Rio de Janeiro. This is done with big Arcane billboards across the city that cannot be overlooked. In New York, several Arcane billboards have been spotted over the last few days. 

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In Rio, the approach seems to be a bit different as the subway has been wrapped into an Arcane theme with images from the show put onto the trains. These are likely only one of many ways that Riot and Netflix are currently promoting the show across the world. 

So far, the show has also been hyped up within the League of Legends community with several trailers, new skins, and an in-game event that will stretch over several Riot Games titles. 

Arcane will officially air on Netflix on Saturday, November 6, where the first three of nine episodes will be released.  


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