Riot makes changes after complaints over Prime 2.0 karambit knife

Olivia Richman • March 6, 20:34

The melee weapon in Valorant’s Prime//2.0 skin line was not a hit with the game’s community. 

Valorant developers have continuously dropped creative weapon skin lines that not only change the appearance of the game’s weapons, but have unique animations and sound effects. Players can even “level up” most skins by using Radianite, Valorant’s in-game currency. This upgrades the weapon’s visuals and sounds, creating a customizable and monetizable experience. 

The Prime//2.0 skin line included a karambit knife. At level one, the interesting blade had a spinning animation when the melee weapon was equipped. But leveling the knife up to its second level got rid of the spin feature. While there was an added electric effect, the knife would simply flick open. This left many Valorant fans underwhelmed and disappointed. 

Riot developers promise changes to “level toggle” system in the future

The continued backlash caught the attention of Valorant game producer Preeti Khanolkar and premium content art lead Sean “Oniram177” Marino. In a Reddit Q&A, the developers said that they would not be adding the spinning animation to the karambit’s Level 2 Prime//2.0 skin. 

“We typically don’t make changes to live products unless competitive integrity is violated because some players did purchase/upgrade that skin due to its existing design,” they said.

While Valorant developers won’t be updating the melee weapon after the community’s complaints, they will be making some changes going forward. By the end of 2021, Valorant developers are hoping to have a new “level toggling” system. This is something the team is currently “investigating” and is “committed to shipping,” though no specific timing was mentioned.

Khanolkar and Oniram177 admitted that this kind of system would take a long time to build. It would take away from other “equally important gameplay needs,” which is why it might take a while to implement this feature. Still, developers recognize teh value in Skin Level Toggling and will be investing time into it. 

What is the best melee in Valorant? 

Valorant Glitchpop knife

Some of the most popular melee weapons in Valorant include the Glitchpop Dagger, WinterWunderland Cane, Prime Axe, and Sovereign Sword. These weapons all have a distinct and artful appearance, with interesting and flashy animations to match. 

How can I get free Valorant skins? 

Most Valorant weapon skins are part of the game’s Battle Pass. There is a new Battle Pass for each Act in Valorant. Players can progress through the Battle Pass and complete various challenges to unlock skins and other cosmetics. Players can also purchase weapon skins with in-game currency, though they are far from free when bought on the market.

Once a Valorant agent is unlocked, players can progress through their contracts to unlock sprays and skins through playing progression.


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