Riot lowers the price for this season’s LCS and LEC Pro View

Marta Juras • January 31, 00:00

For fans interested in more details of LCS and LEC games alike, League of Legends Pro View is available again this season. The 2020 Pro View has a reduced price and some new features.

Pro View is Riot’s broadcast feature that allows subscribed users to see professional games from a different point of view. Unlike the standard spectator mode the games are streamed from, this upgrade gives fans the opportunity to see the in-game screen of a pro player, including their point of view, keystrokes, on-camera reactions, and more. The only thing hidden from fans is the team’s communication.

Riot lowers the price of Pro View

Pro View isn’t just an upgrade for League fans that gives them more control of game broadcasts, it’s a way of supporting teams that came of the franchising model. Proceeds from purchases of the Pro View directly support LCS and LEC teams.

For a price of $9.99 for one of the Spring Split leagues, or a $12.99 access that includes both the European and North American matches, fans are set for a season of Pro View. Besides the player POV streams, the feature includes multiview and an advanced timeline for VODs. A map stream is available as well.

Pro View multi

With these features, fans can follow plays for up to four players at the time, or three players with the main broadcast. The advanced timeline shows marks for champion and objective kills with the purpose of easier access to the game highlights.

At the moment, the Pro View is available only for the 2020 LCS and LEC leagues. However, with increasing interest in the eastern scene, fans are wishing the same would be made available for the 2020 LPL and LCK seasons as well.

Pro View is a great feature for League players to take notes from and learn about pro gameplay, then trying to translate what they learned to their own games. But while some are happy to learn from Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg or Luka “Perkz” Perković, others would like to see what Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok or Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang do in their own competitive matches.


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