Riot is testing different League of Legends shops in LoL client

By Marta Juras


Jan 26, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Some League of Legends players have had their clients updated with a new shop layout.

A few League players shared that their in-game shops have a new interface, with some now having it for over a month. This caused confusion within the community, and players started to wonder what is unique to those that got the shop update others are missing. However, the more likely scenario is that Riot Games is simply A/B testing a new layout.

Though of a similar design, the store Riot is testing seems to add new features. The shop header for featured items takes a bigger portion of the screen, while the icons on the right for quick access to more items are gone.

Scrolling further down will take players to a new “For You” category replacing “Top Sellers.” This category likely uses an algorithm to pull out skins and champions that would be of most interest to a player based on their match history and champion stats.

The shop then continues to offer the newest content, event content, discounts, hextech crafting, and more, with quick access to different categories.

Riot testing which shop layout brings the most revenue

As only some players got access to this new shop for reasons they’re unaware of, it’s safe to assume Riot is doing A/B testing. This is a commonly used method in which two variations of the same product are used at the same time to test which one is more effective.

What the developer is likely testing is how the highlights of personalized offers compare to the offers of top selling merchandise. Players who got their shops updated possibly fit Riot’s criteria in spending needed for this test, so a line can be drawn between the player with a new shop, and a player that hasn’t gotten an update but fits within the same variables.

If the new layout goes live across all accounts, it means it’s more effective in generating interest and sales than what players have now.