Riot is looking to move Seraphine from support to mid lane

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Seraphine has only been in the game for a few days and Riot is already looking to adjust her role in the upcoming patch. 

Patch 10.23 won’t only be a big preseason patch, it will also have some changes to Seraphine’s role in the game. According to lead gameplay designer Mark “Scuffy” Yetter, Seraphine has been skewed towards the support position more than was intended. Therefore, Riot will be making adjustments to shift Seraphine to her primary position in the mid lane. 

Riot wants Seraphine to be in the mid lane, not a support

Many fans expected Seraphine to primarily be a support champion before she entered the game, but that’s not the intention. Riot primarily wants the pop star to be played in the mid lane and be a solid enchanter mage option. 

Riot is looking to make changes on her base stats and ratios, that will hopefully make her a stronger pick in mid while not removing her viability as a support champion. 

  • Base mana regen 10 >> 8
  • P – Stage Presence, Note ratio 7.5% AP >> 6/7/8/9% AP (levels 1/6/11/16) 
  • Q – High Note, Damage 55-95 (+55% AP) >> 55-115 (+40-60% AP)
  • E – Beat Drop, Base damage 60-160 >> 60-140
  • E – Beat Drop, Damage to minions 60-100% >> 100%

With an increase in damage on her main damage spell High Note, Seraphine will suddenly be much scarier in a solo lane. Seraphine will also deal more damage to minions with her Beat Drop, which makes it easier for her to wave clear in the mid lane. 

As a support, these changes won’t hurt her too much as her utility remains the same. Actually, the buffs might also make Seraphine stronger as a support because of the increase to her damage ratios. Seraphine support isn’t only there for utility and big engagements, but also to poke out the enemies with her spells during the laning phase. With a bit more power on the spells, Seraphine could become an even stronger lane bully down in the bot lane. 

The changes for Seraphine are currently available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and will go live with patch 10.23 on November 11. 


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