Riot is giving one more League of Legends refund token for free

Marta Juras • February 8, 2020 4:19 am

With the new season starting, Riot Games prepared a free refund token for every League of Legends player.

Though League of Legends is essentially a free-to-play game, many players spend a decent sum of money purchasing items that are available for Riot Points. RP is Riot’s own currency that, when bought with real money, gives players the option to buy a number of different items available in the League of Legends client.

Money is most popularly spent on champion skins available for prizes from 260 RP (around $2) to 3,250 RP (around $25), but players can also buy different loot boxes, emotes, champions, server transfers, rune pages, and more.

LoL refund token

Riot limits refund tokens to three per account, gifts another for free

The problem is in RP needing to be purchased in bundles. This means players can’t choose an exact amount of RP they want to purchase to spend on specific goods, as the points are only available in packs for $5, $10, $20, and so forth. The higher the price, the better the value, as larger puchases include bonus RP.

With such purchase options, players often buy more RP than they intend to spend at the moment,and keep the rest for later. But having RP just sitting there in the corner of their client sometimes results in accidental or regrettable purchases.

Riot gives three refund tokens per account for when such instances happen. While players usually need to go to the developers’ support in order to get their resources back, Riot gives three free quick refunds for every League of Legends account.

Refund tokens can be used for almost everything, but this excludes items such as gifts, promotional items, and bundles.

Though each account is limited to three refunds, Riot is giving another refund token for free. Players can claim theirs by simply logging in on the official page. However, those that have never used their refunds won’t have the free one count as fourth, as the three-token limit remains a strict rule.

Thus, it’s a good idea for players to wait and claim the token only once they’re down to two.


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