Riot Games Sessions second volume teased for The Game Awards

By Nicholas James


Dec 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Fans of Riot Games’ music department are getting even more fuel following Arcane and Worlds. New creator-safe music is being teased for The Game Awards, which takes place on December 9.

Riot Games hasn’t hinted at much else getting spotlight time at The Game Awards. Riot Forge has already announced its upcoming titles, Project L has had an update, Arcane is done, and Valorant’s biggest tournament is still ongoing. It seems unlikely that Riot will break out the big guns, with almost all of their big projects already getting updates in the recent past.

Still, Riot’s musical acts have taken on a life of their own and there are plenty of possibilities to get excited for.

What are Riot Games’ Sessions?

Riot Games’ Sessions is a series that began earlier this year with the release of “Sessions: Vi“, a collection of music that League of Legends content creators could use for free without worries of copyright claims. Sessions so far have taken inspiration from the wildly popular internet trends of lo-fi music playlists and relaxing soundtracks to soothe the mind.

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The latest of these looks to be getting some sort of reveal as a part of the annual Game Awards, taking place on December 9. The teaser seems to evoke tranquil playlists meant to help relax ahead of sleeping, with a clear emphasis on dreaming. Riot Games posted a brief preview of a fairy-esque light flitting through a dark forest accompanied by a light melody.

The video is titled “Session II Coming Soon”, and seems to tease a release alongside the Game Awards reveal tomorrow. The dream theme implied by the trailer may indicate which champion the playlist will be themed around, with Zoe and Lillia being the only champions able to put opponents to sleep. Given the forest, it’s probable that Lillia will take center stage but Riot may break the practice and not associate it directly with a champion.


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