Riot Games sends Tyler1 medals to celebrate Challenger climb

Nicholas James • February 23, 2022 3:53 pm

Streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp managed to achieve Challenger in all five roles in League of Legends, and Riot Games sent Tyler 1 custom medals to congratulate him on the achievement.

The League of Legends developer sent an enormous package to the streamer’s residence which he unpacked on stream. Inside a sturdy black carrying case came five custom medals with the date of his most recent ventures in each role sewn into the fabric.

Riot sends Tyler1 custom medals for Challenger achievement

Tyler1 is likely the most iconic League of Legends personality in the English-speaking scene, and Riot Games has taken notice of his efforts. He set for himself the challenge of reaching Challenger in each League of Legends’ five roles, including top lane, jungle, mid lane, bot lane, and support. Most recently he returned to the bottom lane to reach the highest rank in support, the only role he had yet to do so with.

As congratulations, Riot Games sent an enormous package that included custom medals for the Twitch streamer. Inside was a unique set of medals with a custom display case that included LEDs to accentuate the medallions. Each medallion is carved to emulate the Challenger-rank armor helmet, with a blue ribbon inscribed with the date he’d reached Challenger in each role.

The team at Riot Games that had sent Tyler the package did take the time to joke about his controversial past, saying that the medals were only for the accounts in Challenger that weren’t permanently banned. Tyler1 first made his name as a toxic personality before being indefinitely banned from the game and subsequently taking the long road to reformation.

Today, the once-banned streamer has become the face of the world’s biggest game on Twitch. Few players ever reach Challenger, and only a tiny number can claim to have reached it with multiple roles, let alone in all five roles.


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