Riot Games has a new logo and not everyone is happy about it

Olivia Richman • April 19, 11:46

Riot Games has revealed a newly redesigned logo. 

The League of Legends developer announced its logo refresh in a recent blog post

“As technology changed and we began playing in new environments, it became clear that the logo we used for so long and had grown so fond of needed a rework,” Riot Games said. 

Working closely with company founders Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck, designers came up with a logo that they felt would provide better legibility and scaling potential. That was something Riot Games didn’t much have to think about in 2006 when the company’s original logo was designed.

The blog post stated that this new logo captures the “spirit” of the original logo while also giving it a much-needed refresh. 

The new logo has already been implemented on social media, as well as on Riot’s website. The logo will see even more widespread use in the near future. 

Not everyone likes the new Riot logo


Overwatch League analyst Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles was previously a color commentator for OnGameNet’s League of Legends broadcasts. He tweeted that the new logo “doubles down on their frat boy, fist bump imagery, in spite of their problems with company culture.” 

The popular esports personality noted that rebranding was an opportunity to “show the change they purport to want,” but felt the logo they went with showed that the company “clearly” had no interest in truly reinventing themselves. 

The potential change in question was Riot Games’ company culture being affected recently after coming under fire for accused sexism and toxicity in 2018. A number of Riot employees had come forward to discuss their time with the company, and these discussions included descriptions of such behaviors as discrimination, harassment, and name calling in the workplace. 

In response, Riot issued a public apology and hired a new Chief Diversity Officer in March.


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