Valorant Split returning

Riot disables Split from queue after major bug discovered

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Split has gone into the workshop after players highlighted significant bugs on A towers. 

New Valorant patches often bring minor glitches that get fixed quickly. Riot keeps a watchful eye on community forums and social channels to ensure that game is free of significant problems.

However, some bugs slip through the cracks and mar the game. A newly discovered Jett bug is an excellent example of a game-breaking bug that has resulted in Split being removed from the queue. 

Split’s A towers have been acting funny for a while now. Riot Games has indefinitely deactivated the map to take care of issues. The developer hasn’t clearly mentioned the exact bug behind the removal, but towers are likely to blame. 

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Why did Riot disable Split from Valorant? 

Players highlighted an easy-to-replicate but game-breaking Jett Updraft bug, after which Riot Games decided to pull the map from the active pool. 

Previously, an Omen bug was brought to the developer’s attention, allowing the smoker to teleport into an unplayable area. From here, Omen could view all the attackers rushing to the top. On the attacking side, the agent could exploit this angle to cut off rotations from the B site. This major bug was followed by another Jett Updraft exploit, which was comparatively easier to execute. 

Jett could jump on top of a decorative tile, gaining an angle similar to Omen’s. She only required her two Updrafts to pull off this trick, a small price to pay for this powerful angle. Both of these bugs happened on the same wall on Split, suggesting that it could be a map issue. Riot Games has finally decided to take a deeper look. 

Split will not be available to play for some time, which might impact the map rotation. Riot feels it’s worth the trouble as the two bugs had a significant impact on balance, making Split a menace to play and making these agents too powerful. It’s unknown when the map will be activated. 

What’s a Jett super dash in Valorant?  

A Jett super dash is a bug that provides Jett with incredible speed using her Tailwind and Updraft abilities.

This allows Jett to cover incredible distances or reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Riot often quickly patches new super dashes out of the game, but new ones keep getting found. Riot disabling Split stems from that.