Riot dev shares upcoming nerfs for Akali with less escape

By Marta Juras


Jan 17, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is preparing some new changes to Akali. The League of Legends champion is possibly getting nerfed again, even though her win rate hasn’t been in a good place lately.

Lead gameplay designer for League Mark “Scruffy” Yetter shared that the developer is preparing Akali changes to go up for testing with patch 10.3 on the public beta environment server. This doesn’t necessarily mean the changes will be going live in League this February, as Riot wants to do longer testing and feedback collecting for her case.

Akali loses invisibility if immobilized, dash speed decreased

Ever since she was reworked in 2018, Akali has been struggling to find a solid place in League. There were times when she was overpowered, and times when she felt underwhelming. During this time Akali was a common bullet point in patch notes, with Riot tweaking her stats, fixing bugs, and slightly changing her abilities over and over again.

Lately, Akali hasn’t been a popular pick either for mid or bot lane, and her win rate has been just above 45%. However, the direction Riot decided to take could damage her even further.

If the changes go through to public servers, Akali won’t be able to stay invisible in the Twilight Shroud if she gets caught in an immobilizing ability, and will get a decaying increase in movement speed while standing in the shroud.

This change would make playing against Akali significantly easier, as her enemies would be aware she can be caught, and she would be less likely to dash into them. The shroud isn’t really big enough to allow Akali to freely kite against enemy’s crowd control, while it’s currently of significant value for outplays.

The maximum target range for Perfect Execution’s first dash is getting decreased, and so is the speed of the second dash, making Akali’s assassinating ultimate less mobile as well.

League players haven’t received the news well, and have been asking Scruffy to revert her rework changes as they’re getting annoyed by the constant updates.


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